Live Music with

Melissa Behring

The Fairy Godmother of Music, the Solo Show

7 Million Jigawatts, the Acoustic Duo

MB3, the Americana Trio

The Trustees, the 5 piece R&B Band  

The Fairy Godmother of Music Program is an edu-tainment experience for young people based in music, storytelling and interactive fun activities.

The Fairy Godmother of Music is performs both virtually and in person. Private small group meet ups via zoom, youtube, instagram or facebook live are great options to have a unique message recorded for your child or an event in your home.

During the Pandemic, the Fairy Godmother of Music created 10 episodes of free interactive content available on in partnership with several Michigan Public Libraries, all episodes are available for your enjoyment on YouTube.


Add an upright bass, to two acoustic guitars and two great voices, and MB3’s sound emerges. The Melissa Behring Trio featuring Jake Tobias & Rocco Poppielarski on the Detroit scene with a new record coming out Fall 2022 featuring interpretations of Bridge Over Troubled Water, All About the Bass, Big Yellow Taxi, Starman, You’re so Vain and It’s Too Late. This trio has a raw, unfiltered, open Americana sound that warms every room they play in with great songs from the past century. Take a favorite song, strip down the performance to the core elements, played by seasoned professionals, without any fluffy stuff and that’s what we are, MB3 acoustic, adult and amazing.



Performed in one take, live in studio, recorded at Big Sky in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Melissa Behring Trio featuring Melissa Behring on Vocals and Guitar, Jake Tobias on Guitar and Vocals, and Rocco Popielarski on bass perform a selection of “Tributes” to friends and family members special songs. If you’ve hired us to perform for an event, there’s a good chance we’ve recorded your song. 

Starting July 1, 2023, Listen to The Melissa Behring Trio on your favorite digital platform or purchase the Tributes CD in person at an upcoming show

We are excited and honored to have licensed some of the most amazing song titles writen by some of the greatest composers in the world in the past seven decades to put our own twist on them with an acoustic flair. We hope you enjoy our work. 


Music Lessons

Through my partnership with The Detroit School of Rock & Pop Music in Royal Oak, Michigan I provide in person and virtual music lessons to people ages 6 to 65+, everyone is young at heart and can find a better life with music.

7 Million Jigawatts

performs “The Soundtrack of Your Life” a collection of songs audiences know and love and can sing along with on acoustic guitars.

With a diverse repertoire spanning the past 100 years, Melissa Behring & Jake Tobias please multi-generational audiences with renditions of popular Rock, Pop, Soul, Country, & Blues songs in their show. Melissa and Jake’s smooth, blended approach to vocal harmonies, dedication to the craft of music, accompanied by varied tastes in style and genre make them unique and in demand entertainers. Their combined stage experience, provides the audience with joviality and vigor that makes folks laugh and cry. Their performances have amplified the entertainment offering on cruise ships, at festivals, parties, and special events.

For more information and where to hear 7 Million Jigawatts next, visit the dedicated 7MJ website.

Hire 7 Million Jigawatts to provide music at your next event

In Person Events

Want to have live music at your local library, festival, party, back yard, street fair, concert hall, subway station, cruise ship, bar, restaurant, school, community center, veterans fundraiser, local concert series, art fair, everywhere, and anywhere?

Yes, we want music to be there too.

Virtual Appearances

Zoom, YouTube or Facebook, Melissa Behring is happy to be a part of your online musical experience.

Music Lessons

Through my partnership with The Detroit School of Rock & Pop Music in Royal Oak, Michigan I provide in person and virtual music lessons to people ages 6+